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FOX STEVENSON lyrics : "Like You"

You eat, you sleep
You drag your feet
Get out of bed and earn your keep

Then rinse, repeat, and take your seat
Just let them think they've won
Now the road ahead is steep

And yet I feel the urge to run
So go ahead and leave
I know you hate that I've become


I'm tired...
Of circling the drain...
We make our choices

Then we end up the same
We've all been throwing low blows
And stepping on toes

It's the way to go!
Looking for someone to shoulder the blame


I need it

An injection of change
Within the horizon
That was mine to chase

We've been giving as we take
That we make mistakes just for mistakes sake
I don't know what's going on anymore

We hit the point of no return
I look back down just to see the earth
And I forget what I am supposed to see

I ask what the problem is
She says she's waiting for a final kiss
Says she's forgotten what she's meant to do

So I run away
Run away


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Thanks to alexandra_feaa