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FOSTER & ALLEN lyrics : "Darlin' Say You'll Love Me When I'm Old"

Verse 1
Two lovers they were walking hand, in hand.
The maiden wore a shiny, wedding band.

She said my love, "You've won my heart, and soul.
So promise that, you'll love me when I'm old."

And I will say "You'll love me when I'm old."
When dark clouds gather round, and nights are cold.

And say "You'll never trade our love, for gold."
Oh Darling say you'll love me, when I'm old.

Verse 2
He kissed her lips and touched her gold-den hair.
Then looked upon her face, so young and fair.

He held her gently to his loving, arms.
Saying "Only God above could make us part."



Verse 3
They lived so many years as man and, wife.

With seven kids to grace their happy, lives.
Sometimes the clouds grew dark, and nights were cold.
Somehow their love grew strong, as they grew old.


Oh Darling say you'll love me.... when I'm old.

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Thanks to maria.01215