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FORTUNATE ONES lyrics : "Mad Lords"

They try to be shady like they're Eminem on Halloween
Don't respect us because we don't have the biggest following
Our purpose is gardening, planting seeds in minds

Hottest rappers got the heat while I'm sitting home with lines
Spur of the moment, need green like Splitter
Deflower a dime before the change makes her wither

Never owned a gun but I still say
I'm about to kill me a ^!$$%
I'm about to kill me a ^!$$%

All these verses and beats
They still don't give a $#&@
If we make it serge will we ever lose touch?

Bonds break ask Barry, no bailing out, it's scary
Money looking scarce with no hits to carry
Will I die an old dirty !@$( with a fantasy

Or will I die like Old Dirty !@&!, worldwide travesty
Smoking more joints than the human body
Trying to calm down but all this stress really got me

Road trip to hell, death calling shotty
And it's filled with family, ^!$$%
Couldn't see as high as I be

On alert like the Jewish Army
Need bread like Italians, drinking on a Heineken
World War II in my stomach as I plummet

Like atomic bombs, watching Japanese Anime
You see the %#@! I'm on
In a biz where getting conned is a habit

It's too tragic, just imagine
If you're open minded then they call you !@$)got
I'd be damn if I'm living in a life that's stagnant

Reaching a stature is the ultimate capture
Don't get it? Life's a (*##$
$#&@ being Tony Danza

Some people lust money
I'm just not romantic

They try to be funny like Macaulay Culkin when he was Kevin
But they forget that Martin stopped airing in '97
So I stopped laughing homie, label me manic depressive

Trying to figure out a scheme without the Smith & Wesson
Spur of the moment, I need love like Lucy
That Don Draper is based on my life so loosely

Never cared for sloppy seconds but just off of G
'Bout to take your (*##$, I'm about to take your (*##$
That's what you wanna hear all on the radio?

Write my song in seconds and then you're gonna pay me, bro?
All these sleepless nights with no residuals
You mean to tell me that I could have rapped with this type of flow?

Well hHallelujah, it just came to me
Feeling like when Batman got his back broke by Bane and 'em
Thinking that I failed, we failed so painfully

Gary when we make it I think we'll go crazy
At the VMA's and the Grammy's gonna get dissed
My $#&@ing speech is as long as Schindler's List

No thank you's, grab my balls as I smirk for the boo-hoo's
When you're fortunate no such thing as a lose-lose
Fearless like kamikazes

I hate you more than Kanye hates the paparazzi
That was a freebie
No dummies as my friends like Phoebe

Try something different and they call it feces
Will I die Notorious like B.I.G?
Or will I die just a big notorious absentee?

You the type to $#&@ (*##$es with dudes names on 'em
I'm the type to walk away from fame like Dave and 'em

Oh, I'm dropping dimes tonight

Try to make ends meet

You're a slave to money
Then you die

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