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FORT MINOR lyrics : "S.c.o.m. (feat. Ryu Of S.O.B, Juelz Santana, Celph Titled)"

Ugh, Shinoda, that's right, Ryu
Celph Titled, yeah, Demigodz
Dipset, Juelz Santana

And of course, Fort Minor
Let's go

It's like oh, ohhh, ohhhh
F.M. D.E.M.I.G.O.D.Z.
It's like oh, ohhh, ohhhh

D.I.P.S.E.T. S.O.B. G's

I came from pumping 60K out the trunk switchblades

Ziggy stuff nicknames, itchy braids, (*##$made
!@^#gots, my %#@!'s changed, my cabbage is picked man
Rollin' twenties up like Snoop Doggy dog's crip game

But I'm out for the crown, housin, I'm buckin' 'em down
Dousin' and dunkin' these $#&@in punks in a bucket and bounce
When I get up in the game beware

Put a pimp on a hope and then say your prayers
Got this ocean so damn potent player
Put you on a throne like a broken chair

You know its a move no crack for the gods and goons
We back you talk about gats but dont actually use 'em
But I'm happy to do it because this is demigodz

Celph Titled, Ryu with Tak, Apathy stupid

From bottom to top choppin them rocks

@@#!in the glock, o more of that
Now I just hop in the drop and go
To the most popular spots

With ho's and they know, they go
I went from pumpin' that white stuff
To bein up in them white clubs

Like hey, I got dubs still pumpin that white stuff
Plus I $#&@ with the white boys, skaters and bike boys
Who may act different but the struggles alike, boy

Shinoda know that if there's a problem I'm coming over, yo
Quick fast in a hurry, not needing to overdose
And I mean that, just call if you need that

The best of both different worlds, not often they see that

Like oh, ohhh, ohhhh

F.M. D.E.M.I.G.O.D.Z.
Like oh, ohhh, ohhhh
D.I.P.S.E.T. S.O.B. G's

We like these rappers here that you have to fear
We smacking queers murder extortion

Hustlin', nothin' stopin' this movement
I swear we gettin' to the top this year
Got your ears, all eyes on me, old school 80's guy, that's me

Hip hop head female rappers give me dome
That's just that hip hop head, flip off the feds, it's been said
I'm out my mind to the fullest, alone in the crib buggin

$#&@in with russian roulette with six bullets
Won't never free my guns but fo sho we lettin them triggers go
Sparkin that weapon, yous a thousand miles from me

You far from perfection and that's just room for thought
I'm movin the bar, rap entrepenuer, rap lord
Cme to the hood, I'll bring you in through that trap door

It's Demigodz and it's Dipset, it's Doe Rakers and it's Byrd Gang
That's Ryu, Celph and Santana, the best rap singers you ever heard

Like oh, ohhh, ohhhh
F.M. D.E.M.I.G.O.D.Z.
Like oh, ohhh, ohhhh

D.I.P.S.E.T. S.O.B. G's

[In the background]

(When my situation ain't a groovin'
I'm trying to murder everything movin')

Demigodz, Celph Titled the Rubik's Cuban
Ryu the Beast, Shinoda the Cobra Holder
You a fool for this beat, Santana the Great

This has been a Demigodz Dipset Feature Presentation

We'll slap the beeswax right out your grill! Hold up!

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