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FORT MINOR lyrics : "Bloc Party"

(feat. Apathy, Tak of S.O.B.)

[Green Lantern:]



Hey Ap, why don't you do the uh?the intro on this %#@!?
Yo Apathy, Fort Minor, Styles Of Beyond, Demigodz

Here we go

Yo, rappers like heavy metal and ghettos

Guns, metals and ammos
I pistol whip Tony and $#&@ Meadows Soprano
A cat who sells them bugs but tell them thugs

They don't know how to carry more heat than welding gloves
I walk amongst the gods, keep my head in the clouds
Oh we show groupie love, getting head in the crowds

Put it in girls mouth blast off like NASA
The master of nastiness transform a classy (*##$ into
A little sheen freak sado!@%@

Dastardly !@$( of rap so disastorous
Spitting, healed a cripple like Christ the miraculous
And fights my savageness, turns punks, pacifists

The police clock Ap like there he go
Always on the watch because I use to carry blow
Always lock her down but I never marry ho's

Barry foes when the flows comes through your stereo


Here we go flipping up a predictable verse
It's a curse to burst words like turrets on purpose
Put the verb like a backhand reject perverse as it is

I can't stop and its making me nervous, ok?
Get me on a track and I'm cracking
Packing up a backpack full of tracks on some CDs

Be me, $#&@ that and not like me
To bite me you need to be you times ninety
I got schemes and a team so hyped we

Get on a scene make a scene on the nightly
Say what I mean, whether mean or politely
Living the dream in some clean white Nike's

Or DC's, I'm not giving a %#@!
$#&@ the words that you heard and the lips that they hang from
I stay banging to bang, bang drums and hanging you lames

And the same no names gangs you came from
I don't got an excuse, just talking the truth
I'm $#&@ing awesome when I'm rocking the booth

And I stay ready with hot bloc rocking abuse
Y'all are really not stopping us dude, yeah Tak, get up

It started off get on over and hit the galaxy
Now we are movuing them over they are crowing me the Cali king

Anything tossed on my fuse getting chewed up
With a quota six and little good weight, too much
Going to get smacked in the face with aluminum bats

Your $#&@ing raps as good as me, Bobo and
I said I was rude, step in the shoes, you don't believe me
You can ask Devin the dude how I strip down the (*##$ clown stand in my socks

Whip the mother $#&@ers $$# like I'm Cannibal, watch
You want to be stoned? Even with a basket of ice?
Get your %#@! flowing feeling for the casket to drop

You know them S.O.B.'s never get the record to stop
Breaking the habit is impossible what happened to Tak
He's unleashed, he's a beast so Sledge hand me a bloc

Party, whats your corpses posing for? , the camera was shot, huh
Styles and Machine Shop, necklace fly
No wonder everyone is so petrified

I said, Styles and Machine Shop, necklace fly
No wonder everyone is so petrified

Let me hear that!

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