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FORGOAT lyrics : "Crucifucked"

Cruci$#&@ed...You're cruci$#&@ed
Burn the holy bible, incinerate the word
Leave the altar laughing, forget the hymns you've heard

Self-rightous reaction but from what I understand
An imaginary bully makes you love your fellow man
For every holy roller who is still selling these lies

For every holy soldier that never asked why
For every pervert priest, for every war they start
Forgiven is not blameless, history notes your part

And you're cruci$#&@ed
You do not see what's coming thru the eyes of god's son
You do not need saving as you benefit no one

You waste your breath on prayer when there's nothing listening
No loved ones waiting as the angels sing
No cleansing in the river, no wisdom in the scrolls

Like his hands and feet and brow the story's full of holes
It's true that you're unworthy, but you do not speak for me
I'm my god, I'm completely free

While you're cruci$#&@ed
Internalize eternal lies
You're cruci$#&@ed

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