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FORGIVE ME lyrics : "Life=Nightmare"

I am scratching The sense of being
I am searching beyond the light

I am brooding the nest of leaving
I am watching the final sight...
Of my life...

I am leaping there where we can't die
Away from a world made of lies

I am you, do you deny?

I am you, you can't deny

You'll be like them, Who died with pride...


"Of sorrow we made, In Grief we breath
From Pains we rise, till happiness dies
Till every truth of life becomes layers of lies

In wells of blood we grow, so broken, left in silence
In shadows we spent the childhood
In wounds the youth has gone...

The youth has gone...
Nothing's left to loose
Nothing's left to achieve

Insanity is all what I have now
And time has healed nothing
Time has healed nothing...

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