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FORGETTERS lyrics : "I'm Not Immune"

If you could see
The ones one inch beyond
The nose that cuts the end

before your face
You would not sing
my dear with such a zest

about the wonders of this modern world

Is there some place we could go

and use each other for awhile
I've got so much to disclose
I've got five bucks wait, no I don't

If you could see
The strings as armys swing through the night

Vampires, pigs that walk the shoulders of the remote controlers
You would scream and shriek upon the ledge before the brink to see the hatred
that drives the guilded age

I'm not immune to this
In fact I'm sick with the truth

Because I have flashing on a steady flow
If all we had to give
is our consent and will to live

we'll get the country we deserve
We'll get the weakest to our sails

And the houses, the community
Is a backlit cult or adulatory

We love and hate the same five things
Is this the basis for a lasting friendship
I think not

Don't even try
To grab this microphone from my hand

I've got a story that demands your undivided attention
I bear good news we're going to die pretty soon and then this english plot will be a phase

Is there some place we could go
and use each other in the dark
I've got so much to get off

I've got so much no one wants

I'm not afraid anymore

I killed that boy and took his head
withdrew my name from the race

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