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FORGET YOUR ENEMIES lyrics : "The World We Live In"

We are
Stucked in the world
Where the ignorance is bliss

Stucked in the moment
When we fall into abyss
Surrounded by zombies

Without the brain
Noone can help ya
Noone's feeling your pain

They talk about freedom
But what is really free
We are the victims of society

Everything's fine
Nothing is wrong

They're lying to your face
You just need to stay strong

The world we live in
is full of misery and hate

the darkness surrounds us

And they tell you

How to feel
What to love
And now you're better person

To be conformal
Is a pretty thing
You are smiling

But you're not happy inside

Walking in circles

Poker faces
This is theInception of the end
No looking back

Forget about them
Forget about
Those you left behind

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