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FOREVIDENCE lyrics : "Sky Light"

(Verse 1)
Their vanity will fall, drop a canopy from God/
No understanding, it's insanity, calamity in all/

When there's famine feed the poor, It's quite a basic topic/
So I fight with nameless prophets for the right to aim the prospect/
Slice the frame of nonsense with a Christ related logic/

Since I'm alive today I promise I'ma light the ways conscience/
Ignite a brighter future with a mic and a producer/
All my life I've been a loser 'till I cried inside the music/

Been to hell and back untouched, like where the devils at/
Rebel rap, strapped with knowledge, $#&@ a metal gat/
Ghetto rat ruckus, you mother $#&@as on simple %#@!/

$#&@ your money, $#&@ your cars, $#&@ the (*##$es you kick it with/
The thoroughbred burrowed, inside the graces of rhythm/
Melodic comet harmony in spaces of vision/

Ladies and gentlemen, the kettle's been yelling/
Before ForevidencE has ever been present in our present day negligence/

(Verse 2)
An everlasting passion that's passing through all my arteries/
Artsy talking, walking with the limp of God's harmony/

Music is my gift and curse wrapped in the same gift box/
Fusing different words within my verse and call it Hip Hop/
But if the people want junk food, go ahead and give 'em that/

Skinny jeans and fitted cap kiddy rap/
I'ma take the womb back/
Now let me see the hands of the dudes that's fans of the boom bap/

Standing tall in your seminar with ill metaphors/
Get in doors with raw force while you settle for/
Your flow is over with, your shows go nowhere quick/

I reach the native heads, call me Joseph Smith/
My rhyme is so polished, locked down, convicted/
I Pocc your girl's Hontas more than John Smith did/

A verbal acrobatic catalyst, serpent battling/
Purpose gathering activist, tacking merchants/

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