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FOREVER'S EDGE lyrics : "Epiphany Of Music"

Confining herself to silence (hide from herself) the world she sees.
This fascination, my selfish desire

"Effortless yet passionate, she tries"
Phrases come together in the tones
"Her effervescence captivated in the sound"

Melodies carry her voice from thought
"Forsaken beauty instilled in me"
Through song she has the means the voice

"I'll write for her... my love"
"I'll make you speak"

I'll orchestrate these songs for her.
To captivate her heart.
Give this angel a voice

Give this gift to her
"Captivate the melody once more"
Trans in her voice, create a sound

"If my words she'll carry on her soul"
Give meaning to these verses construct words
"She shares her dreams to me alone"

Silence no more, sing for me
"Sing forever, speak forever"
Sing my love, speak my love!

The music comes alive,
Throughout she finds control

Perpetuating keys
Progressing through the chords
Her universal mind

Complexity within
And though she fails to speak
The music comprehends

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