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FOREVER'S EDGE lyrics : "Endlessly"

Chapter one has ended, a new one now unfolds
Our consciousness of heart, gave birth unto a soul
Her world begins to conflict, within her, her worst fear

To cry no more, survive the fall

So now she cries herself to sleep

She's yearning, she's dreaming
Her eyes illuminating as she's lost control
Her heavens far away now, her innocence is gone

In darkness the light bearer sleeps tonight

So lost with inner pain
Child of innocence her wings holding tight
Her memories, her true love embraced

Revelations constant. Embracing what defines you
Fallen before, falling again

Face to face with inner demons
Take a stand from out the darkness
Never let the fire die

And now the moon and stars align tonight
Still yearning, she's dreaming

Those eyes determination once could see no hope
See through this trepidation. Forevermore

[Chorus x2]

Her stories ever after, this innocence she cried.

Her love with his obsession, the music in her dies
Without she's lost the beauty, without she's lost her soul
Consumed by false desires, throughout she finds

Throughout she finds control!

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