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FORESTPUNK lyrics : "Be Smart"

Forestpunk....Mutant Academy...Angry Goose

This is for the ladies, this is for the fellas
This is for the babies and the crazy storytellers,

This is for the losers this is for the winners
This is for the enders and this is for the beginners
This is for my ^!$$%z, creatives on a mission

This is for the women not behaving like some (*##$es
Hold yo fingers up, wave em for the haters
This is for the nows, this is for the laters

Where u from little homie where u from? 4x

L.A this is where the mutant ^!$$%z movie starts
School of hard knocks where the supervisions usually armed

"Rockies" in prison so its pugilism through these bars
Means our punchlines are like 2 fists giving bruising scars
Space cadet fugitives is shooting stars

Full of shrooms and spliffs doin' stupid %#@! and looting cars
$#&@ the world and the lubricant is cootie SARS
So I made her sick when I was smoochin all her beauty marks

Stoner mad brain is packed with a mix
Of vulgar bad taste and magnificence
Rob the cash safe and laugh, trickin pigs

And bought a fat plate of caps, with some chips
Comic book robin hood blazin kush, yes!
Take a look and your friendly neighborhood threat:

It's Iggy Pop meets H.R, up in Dexter's Lab
Get the cash a clique of goonies with treasure maps

So I represent....and be smaaarrttt 8x
Knock em out the box punk .... Stupidass

Knock em out the box punk...be smart x4

(Bridge again with slight variations)

L.A come and meet the stupidest wise guys

Because the youth are pissed we're all some hooligan Einsteins
Groin kicker of the federal and corporate pigs
Joint twister like a flexible contortionist

Monkey rappin a lot for money bags on the spot
Smart aleck cuz all you dummies ask for a lot
Tummies packed with caps and skunky gas from the pot

Walkin on dubsteps like 20 sacks in his socks
Life's a movie like if David Lynch made a flick
About a bunch of faded kids inside the city's craziness

Brainy 90s babies and the raiding by the shady pigs
We take a piss on they lawns, blaze a swish and raise a fist, huh?
Academy of mutants what they grade me with?

An easy A for Anarchy, Atheists and Aliens
So all the ba!@&(ts and the speakers that they play me in
Rebellion is viral, I'm the sickness that they made me with


Mutant Academy!

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