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FOREST OF IMPALED lyrics : "Beyond All"

These words mean nothing
To no-one but me,
An inner fire burning,

To set these cursed thoughts free.

Hatred is pure, chaos is free,

Inside my world of insanity
I am Beyond All

This black flame of utter darkness is burning fiercely,
Burning within the hollows of my cold dead chest,
In a void so bleak with despair, I feel nothing

Nothing within the shadows of my pale dead flesh.

Scream myself, into oblivion, this condemnation

Condemned, I kill everything that is scabbed in filth,
I am the embodiment of purest darkness,
Darkness behold my glory beyond what is black.

I am Beyond All.

I sit before you upon a throne of scars,

I rule before you holding my dead black heart.
I shall fight unyielding 'til you wither and fade
I shall kill unyielding, Death I have become thee

I am not a fallen angel, for I am not of God.
I am beyond all creation, for I was never born.

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