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FORESHADOWING lyrics : "The Dawning"

Beyond the walls the world has swallowed its revenge,
We're safe at dark and fate has given us a chance.
We're sleeping for now, who knows if we'll wake up at dawn

And I've seen with my eyes the sorrow of who wore a crown of thorns.

The world explodes and shows the tragedy of fools

Who chose the war and turned to ashes and ruins
No might or command to obey in the poisoned land
And i keep death inside, just sleeping with corpses at night.

At night...

Before the dawn we'll cross the line

We're living to be free, behold an ancient time
The soldier now, he stands around
And all that has been written on the path has some meaning.

Unchained and bold we walk towards the sun
Down there we'll set the time and find a place, for it's too late.

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