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FOREIGN LEGION lyrics : "Nowhere To Hide"

One... (no!)... Two... Three (no!) One, Two, Three (ow!)

Prozac - you know I'm not crazy son, take this tip

Hold this cigarette over your mouth 'cause you know they can read your lips
'Cause they need to control your environment
Surveillance - a requirement

That's why they put those I-Spy cameras in fire hydrants
You know they got x-ray satellites to read your mail before it's opened
They got this secret base beneath the ocean

Testing out explosions of nuclear bombs down in the Oakland
That's why all those crackheads are smokin'
It's remote-controlled emotions triggered by cops with laptops

A chip inside your skin implanted with your Tet !@#* shot
Long before you could walk, they had you locked and barcoded
By race, color and class, your life is downloaded

They send subliminals with minimal efforts so you're unable
To control your thought process ever since they installed your cable
Reason for your behavior - DirecTV is the ringer

Why else would intelligent people tune in to Jerry Springer?
It's all lies, from baseball, to apple pies, to mom
Waco, Texas, Heaven's Gate, the Oklahoma bomb

The Desert Storm Syndrome, experiment that went wrong
Inject our own 'cause they probably won't come home anyway
The Vietnam conflict was a mere experiment

Soldiers came back from the war, couldn't tell you where they want
And commandoes that don't come back could use to their advantage
'Cause they're the guinea pigs to repopulate Atlantis

[Chorus: scratched]
"FBI spying on us through the radio antennas"

"Cause there's nowhere to hide unless you move to outer space"

Some say that I hallucinate these men in black suits
But they don't want to know the truth about the Freemasons' pursuits
Illuminati's selling human bodies to the Martians

They faked Bruce Lee's death so he can train alien Spartans
When you drink a 40 ounce brew, all you really do
Is ingest enzymes the government designed to lower your IQ

Pass genetic flaws, although the combination varies
And this is why the cheapest liquor tastes just like fruits and berries
That's 'cause they wanna kill all the Blacks, so they invented gangsta rap

Lace tracks with evil thoughts of selling crack for Cadillacs and CREAM
Target the pro-ghetto teen who reads those rap magazines
Keep him broke by advertising hundred-dollar jeans

[Chorus x2]

Roswell - rock, rock on
The grassy knoll - rock, rock on
Pyramids on the moon - rock, rock on

Stonehenge - rock, rock on
My man Art Bell - where you at?
My man William Cooper - where ya at?

My man Noam Chomsky - where ya at?
Illuminati - where ya at?

First they tell you that it's good to put that Vitamin C inside your diet
Shape tablets like cartoons so the kids all wanna try it
You wouldn't expect the long-term effects - it comes in stages

It causes [?] Syndrome in the heavy user's babies
They killed Kennedy, Biggie, Tupac and Abe Lincoln
They planned the Titanic's sinkin'

They killed Marvin Gaye for thinkin'
They killed Versace - canceled Joanie Loves Chaci
Killed Princess Di and framed the papparazzi

It's all an evil plan written by the Illuminati
Long before Adolf Hitler ever changed his name to Liberace
The details are spotty about him and John Gotti

They've got a home for clones in the center of the Mojave
How do we cook with radiation? Build space stations?
We got that information from secret alien nations

It's amazing they're so brazen with the equation for restoration
Margaret Thatcher's looked the same since the King $$#assination
I'm basing information on data that was decoded

From transmitters destroyed when the Hindenberg exploded
They're paying people I know to get close to plant the bugs
Putting drugs in my tap water, thinning my blood
Just 'cause I panic, they'll label me a paranoid schizophrenic
My rhyme's authentic

Just like that giant asteroid that's headed straight for our planet
They call me a manic
Depressed suicidal nutcase to keep it candid
'Cause they know that I know the final hour's near
Any minute now the coming Armageddon's here

Any moment now the coming Armageddon's here
Any second now the coming Armageddon's here

[Chorus x2]

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