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Foreign Exchange lyrics : "Raw Life"

[Verse 1: Phonte]
Rock to the rhythm, back and forth like a pendulum
Swingin' to the beat, competition don't mention 'em

A full course emcee, y'all just continental
Posted at the bar, but you only copped the minimum
While lookin' at me like what the $#&@'s gotten into him

They can't get a handle on the solid foundation me and mines is standin' on
Bringin' it live with no disguise or camoflauge
Dropped "The Yo-Yo" and stopped ^!$$%z from puttin' sandles on

We handle ours from bookin' the rhyme management, killin' the wack and now
You a prime candidate for the weak %#@! that make the crowd stand inanimate
But at our shows they stand adamant

'Te got the corner blitz on got your quarterback scramblin'
Checkin' the sidelines to see just what the $#&@ is happenin'
You wanna get my playbook and examine it

Connected - $12.99 plus shippin' and handlin', ^!$$%!


Check it out
Everybody wanna walk like talk like
$#&@ around get etched out in chalk like

Down south, homeboy, we do it all night
Tell me what you really know about this raw life

[Verse 2: Joe Scudda]
Yo, cats I'm done with you

From Joe Scudda, miss and shoot the one with you
Get it in with you, forget you
Put your little album out

Who really cares what your %#@! do (Not me)
Fall off in a year who gonna miss you (Not me)
While everything 'Te and Scudda do is official

And when you gonna learn, play with fire get burned
Settle down, kiddo, wait your $#&@in' turn
Go back to the lab, get your rhymes right

And don't be mad because we juxed your limelight
Got your own team sayin' our %#@! bang
Over here, over there, that's The Foreign Exchange

Ain't nothin' you can pull, try, do, or $#&@in' say
With cats rippin' over-seas tracks by Nicolay
This %#@! gon' blow, I'll tell you how the %#@!'ll go

With Joe Scudda and Tiggalo the Rap Gigolo


[Verse 3: Phonte]
I feel a sense of urgency when I write now

I'm rap Scottie Appleton, you new jack ^!$$%z should pipe down
Meshed rhymes and beats deliver my life sounds
That got these A&R's tryin' to figure the price out

Anything less than six, ^!$$%z, it's lights out
Don't try to make me feel like I need you
I saw you later signin' ????

The whole %#@! was see through
He couldn't draw a crowd with a paintbrush and a easle
Stay tuned for the sequel

And if we meet in public, won't be none of that PC %#@! like nice to meet you
I spit with no prejudice
Thought kissin' $$# was in my bloodtype, Oh (O) negative

You can bet, it's a style that's embedded in the streets
It's a prime factor, puttin' the smash on y'all like middle linebackers
^!$$%, save your back talk for the chiropractor

You $#&@ers know just what I'm after


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