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Foreign Exchange lyrics : "Fight For Love"

All this time I had it wrong,
But now I truly see
The road you're choosing.

See the writings on the wall
Tells me I'm losing you
And there's nothing for me to do

Cause our greatest fears came true.
I finally got a clearer view

I don't wanna be a soldier anymore!
Because the war never ends

And no one ever wins
I don't understand why we should fight for love?
Either it ain't or it is!

It either ain't or it is!

I guess that I am not as strong

As I pretend to be.
It's so confusing
And if I thought you would change tomorrow

I still would be choosing to
Run away and just start brand new.
The lucky ones they are so few

Then I guess they are unlike me and you
Me and you

[Chorus x3]

No, I cannot believe

That I won't ever love again!

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