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Foreign Exchange lyrics : "Be Alright"

I know, I know how it can be sometimes
When you feel like, y'nah sayin like

Y'know when you feel like there's nobody you can turn to or when it's
%#@! start getting real out here
I know how it feels man, we can identify with that %#@! for real

Let y'all know it's gonna be ok nah mean?
It's gonna be aight for real

[Verse 1]
Aiyyo, as time passes I'm just keeping the faith
Composing my thoughts and rearranging my place

People ask, I just tell 'em I'm straight
My girl was throwing up this morning
I'm praying it was something she ate

Feeling pains in my torso now
I scream $#&@ the world but mother-nature's taking autho' now
Tryna regulate her stress and pain also now

This life hurts a little more so now
But I'm still holding on y'all, for real

The pain that you know, the evil you see
I got a feeling that we're gonna be alright

Everything's gonna be alright, ooh

[Verse 2]

I can feel the sun shining, no stress, I'm so blessed
No regrets, I am my past and my path
Has guided me inside of me

Placed me in spots where tracks beat and cats be so hungry
It's so funny, I won a race against millions
Twenty-three years ago, the builders flow

Over beats from a cat overseas
Exposed to the League, it's so peace and so deep
So all minds can question the signs and crass ways

Of these last days, it just happens that way
Divine designs of life balanced that way
The trend surface and it all blends perfect


Baby no you don't have to worry
Baby no you don't have to worry about me

[Phonte overlaps]
Uh, yeah, for all my peoples

Frankie vocals, people hustling worldwide y'knahmsayin?
Uh huh
It's gonna be aight y'all, just keep holding on


From me to you, for you and yours
The Justus League to the world baby

It's like this y'all, come on
Just keep your head up, it's gon' be aight for real
I've been through that, I've through all of that

It's gonna alright, y'knahmsayin? For real

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