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FOREIGN BEGGARS lyrics : "Solace One (Ft. Black Sun Empire)"

I'm like a fault in the system
Something like a glitch or a virus
Not to be seen like a victim

More like a ghost or a pirate
I move for the network daily
Conduct myself in silence

I been on this mission since early
I don't even need to get violent.
x 2

Move like a ...in a minute
Foe gets ...

x 2
All shake when I spin it
All shake when I scared when I stick it

x 2

Wanna say O in your sinapse

Everything lost in a minute
Ok...for the lyrics
O shows like I am into physics

...in a back up
Like a back up
Cynical, that's what till I get it

Everybody freack it
Till I get in a minute

So I like when I'm win it
Sound to the remix

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