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Forefather lyrics : "The Last Battle"

The chaos has reigned, the battle has been won
No time to rest, we must re-group and march
The final hurdle lies upon the horizon

One more push, our will shall see us through

Weary we are but fight on we must

Away from the carnage we ride
Bloodied and battered but spirit unbroken
Toward the last battle we go

The blood of the fallen flows through our veins
It gives us the strength to fight on
Weakened by number, stronger in will

Toward the last battle we go

Weapons have clashed, the chosen ones lay behind

Back to our feet, ready to war once more
Our destiny shall open its arms before us
A passion-filled cry, our will shall see us through

We struck our blows ferociously
We warred with passion as one

We spilled their blood without fear
From the last battle our honour lives on

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