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Let me tell ya'll a little story

Growin' up I remember one year

My uncle Titus had a bright idear
He's gonna bottle up his own brew
He figured he could make a million or two

Taste wasn't gonna be his claim to fame
What he was bankin' on was all in the name
He called it

Titty's Titty's Titty's Beer

Just the thing to get you grinnin' ear to ear
Whether you're from the country or a big ol' city
One things for sure everybody loves titty's

He had his marketing plan worked up
He's gonna sell 'em all in big ol' jugs

He wouldn't package 'em in a six pack
He's gonna sell 'em by the pair and call it a rack
And he was sure it was the next big thing

With Dolly Parton in his ad campaign


Happy hour two for one

Talkin' 'bout a beer buzz son
After work at the ball game or shootin' the bull
Anytime is the right time for a big ol' hand full of


One things for sure everybody loves titty's
When you work real hard and your day's gone %#@!ty
What could be better than a big ol' mouthful of titty's

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