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It's the mudslingin', country singin' redneck stunner
Imma show you who I am if you really think you wanna
take a ride down the dirty road, show ya where the still is

skeered? stay at home son, this is where the real is

Folks 'round her still belive in God

and the right to tote a gun and our flag don't run
ain't askin' you fo nothin' if we can't get it on our own
tell the government to leave my check and church alone

Y'all can do y'all and we'll do us
and our money should always say "In God We Trust"

So if you think like that, then you one of us
if not then move on and leave us alone

Cuz country folk can survive, jus' ask Hank
leave my money in my pocket y'all can have the bank
I'm tryin to tell ya we smarter than some of y'all think

even though we talk slow all of y'all should know that..


This is our song everybody sing it
clap your hands y'all and do it like you mean it
Stand our ground and we don't back down

if you're from a small town and you're never gonna leave it
This is our song everybody sing it
clap your hands y'all and do it like you mean

Stand our ground and we don't back down
and if you don't like it then don't come around

We come from hardworking people, they can't stand a thief
don't like a liar, freezer full of deer meat

home grown tomatoes in the kitchen window
Daddy is a deacon, mama sings "Swing Low"
at the church in the choir, Sunday dinners on the fire

Colt Ford Danny Boone gettin' mud up on the tires

We represent our folk but don't take us for a joke

we got a cooler full of boo and a pocket full of smoke
Yeah we country as corn bread, and pumpin' Nappy Roots
and if it ain't funeral we ain't gon' wear a suit

We peein' off the front porch, peein' of da back
cuz we livin' in da boonies and they don't know where we at

Can't market us urban, won't market us rural
drinkin' moonshine till we drunk and seein' plural
Small town livin' and we don't give a damn

if yo Hollywood or not, cuz we know who we am

(Repeat hook)


Ain't funny how the money change who you is
sell your sould to teh devil be a star in his biz
give up everything so you can play this game

make a buncha folks happy that don't know yo name

Don't worry 'bout me, Imma spit the truth

see I gotta represent for our country youth
and keep hope alive, cuz I will survive
with a shotgun baby and a four wheel drive

I'm buck huntin' dog runnin' playin' in a mud hole
pumping Johnny Cash, haulin' $$# down a back road

Love it in the country where my soul is free
In God and my family is all I need, sing it

(Repeat hook twice)

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