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Man this %#@! is crazy

We been popping all night
Come $#&@ with me baby
Iâ??ll teach you how to ball right

Them other ni88as lazy
Them why them boys donâ??t shine right
Them haters never faze me

Cause they ain't bout that grind life
Man this %#@! is crazy
We been popping all night

But we ain't got no patience
For ni88aâ??s that be fraud like
We out cheer getting paper

Getting money, it just feels right
So please donâ??t be mistaken
Cause we gone get it all man!


Fresh 4 88!

Verse 1:

I guess Iâ??m popping of the most hoes
Rolling in the most doe
Ask me bout it, I know

Exactly how this %#@! go
Fabalon and we fresh
Yo crew no contest

We Gucci store cause we blessed
Putting diamond all on our neck
Got the HD kit and we rolling

This H-Town, still holding
Still bumper kit grill chrome women
Still South West rolling up Fondren

You want a real ni88a know you donâ??t want him
$#&@ showing up, I done showed out
Rolling on slippers and they chromed out

Thatâ??s Texas baby, what you know about it
Thatâ??s D-Town, Thatâ??s Waco, Thatâ??s Lubbock
Thatâ??s San Anton, Thatâ??s Corpus, the Triangle

And ATX, my second home
For my west coast fam that Inglewood, Thatâ??s Paramount
Thatâ??s Long Beach, Thatâ??s South Cent, Thatâ??s Hawthorne, Thatâ??s Lawndale

Thatâ??s all me
God Bless all my ni88aâ??s
Tonight I hope they all make it home

Tomorrow ain't promised out to no ni88a
You find that sh8t out,when they dead and gone
So we party, party, party

Enjoy this sh8t while we all here
Pour drank, Pull dro, Pull Hoes
You know true player of the year

And its all clear!


(Hey)Fabalon Fresh what you know about that
Swang pop trunk you know about that

Forever when I stepping I be repping like that
Let em know that H-Town been back
Fly ^!$$% baby we will forever be that

Keep the toast close for ni88a that be yapping
See yellow tape people asking what happen
Talking slick down goes another rapper

I donâ??t, ever, wanna, be a, lame, $$#, ni88a
So, every time you see me I come clean
With a style that slicker than Vaseline

I do it for my city and I do it for my team
$#&@ you mean? itâ??s a $#&@ing dream
With that losing $$# sprit, I canâ??t be you

That ain't the type sh8t a real winner do
Matter of fact I got to keep sh8t moving
Cause losing contagious, I will be walking round drooling

We no hoes, no doe, in my world
Thatâ??s a no no, in your world thatâ??s a go though
So I can't blame your poor choice
So really ain't none of this sh8t your fault
This Fabalon Life if canâ??t be taught

I just wanna Ball, I hope that what you feel like
I donâ??t play no game
Casue that fraud ni88a sh8t donâ??t feel right
I ain't letting know fraud ni88a
Talk me out of my paper

Im a do it how I do it
Fabaloning to it


Outro Vamp:
Yeah, Know what Iâ??m talking bout
Fabalon Forever, my name if Forch
Know what Iâ??m talking bout
We got Plankey the Great

Feady Fachio on the way
Kahlil Famous on the way
Joe Nobles, Paul Famous, Jay Boy, Ink Mo with the Flow
This is Fabalon Baby
This how we do it
Been doing this %#@! since the beginning of MF time ni88a

This how we get it in huh!

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