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FORBIDDEN TERRITORY lyrics : "For People Like You"

You better watch what you say
Those words will come back to haunt you one day
Keep acting like youre on top of the world

When all you are is a whiny little girl
Your ego is as fat as you are
So keep pushing you won't make it this far

When it comes to this only the strong survive
Start lifting weights you'll need the exercise
What friend are you to us?

You say one thing before you throw us under the bus
You can't break us down, we are stronger
We won't take your bull%#@! any longer

The one who says that we're all friends
Wants to put things to an end
We'll take your ego and shove it down your throat

Music to our ears would be to hear you choke
Choke on the greed and the false success
You think you stand out, but you're just like the rest.

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