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FORBIDDEN SITE lyrics : "Dark Embrace"

[Poetry : Arnault de Stael]
[Music : Romarik d'Arvycendres]

The frozen crypt is silent ...
As only a grave can be
Endless I live in vain

Roused from my funeral sleep

My untbriven vault is wide

Under the cold winterly sky
Drawn from the eternal dream
I already learn for death

Another wine flushes my veins
And drives me out my grave

My swaddling clothes are of black silk
And my cradle is made of stone

The gothic cemetery crypt
Kisses the scarlet lips of life
From thence I came hither again

For a silhouette through the unlight...
...From beyond the grave

La crypte froide est silencieuse
Comme seule peut l'tre une tombe
Sans fin j'existe en vain

Profanant mon sommeil funbre

Mon triste caveau s'ouvre la vie

Sous un ciel d'hiver glacial
Arrach aux rves ternels
J'aspirais dj la mort

Clad with a dress of mourning
A leaden beauty arose

Her silken hair lightly floating
She came beside my bed of stone

In a summoning charm
Made of divine progeny
She kissed me with saddened eyes

-"Follow me !" - I follow thee

You shall dwell here eternally

Between the dead and the living

To forever my funeral bride

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