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FORBEARANCE lyrics : "Full Circle"

All regret comes full circle
Find strength within your heart to make things right

Back and forth, it's the same mess over again
I can't grasp how much emotions destroy my life
The pure and true filled with nothing but regret

We live our lives and we make mistakes
Though some days we can't forget

I'll struggle with my life
No trial in this world will empty my heart

Life used to be so simple, so free
I'll just run, until it repeats

I question myself everyday
Is this the man I'm to be?

It's all come full circle again
Can I overcome on my own?

Ponder all the steps you take
Learn from mistakes you make
Ponder all the steps you take

Forget the risks you make

Never again, do I perceive myself for less

This frustration and guilt
No longer haunts my sleep
No more running, no more hiding

I'll face this standing tall, for better or for worse

Life comes full circle

It's all come full circle again

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