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FOR TOMORROW MAY FALL lyrics : "Diagnosis"

We're living a war
Fought by the ones who have nothing

Controlled by those who have it all
One by one we fall, to depths of it all
Outnumbered and surrounded we've lost it all

Don't Falter, Don't Fear
Don't be a coward, stand tall.
This was my home, This was my dream.

This place is on fire, There's nowhere to run
Diagnosed to lose it all we all will fall someday
The infection spreads from wall to wall

Like wildfire we'll all burn

The Addiction:

When drugs wear off I find myself all alone again
I've lost track of all time, It seems I'm losing my mind
I'm trying to be the man you saw in your dreams,

But it's soo hard, when you're pulling me, pulling me, pulling me down
(pulling me down)
If I'm an addict then you're my death wish

Your diagnosis said you were heartless
This is all just one big pointless waste of my time
Waste of my time (x2)

Poison City:
Poison city where the dead are living

There's no antidote there's no cure for this disease
All these doctors need surgery, It's an air bourn catastrophe
Were quarantined, left to bleed, It's time we separate faith from destiny

Your empire will fall

Crumble before your eyes
All because your greed

Are you afraid to die?
Are you afraid of the afterlife?

Crash and Burn:
Stay right there don't move

The time has come for you
The seasons changed the scene
Your guilty eyes make the flood waters rise

This is no massacre, This is reality
Salvation were digging the graves for the restless
We're counting down the hours to the day that we make it home

Stay right there don't move
The time has come for you to see the world a new
Open your eyes and see what's true.

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