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FOR THE REPUBLIC lyrics : "The Fallen"

Crush your insecurities,
Let go of your impurities.
It's time to wake up,

It's time you move on.

Peter Pan won't save you this time,

You're all by your $#&@ing self.
These mistakes aren't something you erase.
Stop acting in the past and worry about your health.

This want of blood will break you down,
And it will crush you into the ground.

All you need to survive is a dedication,
Where is your will to live!?

It's time to grow up,
Time to let this go.
Your drama, your bull%#@!,

Everything you've been through.

$#&@ your past,

$#&@ your future,
You've fallen too far.
This is where we part.

Growth is more than just growing old,
It's all about the experiences.

Your imperfections are what make you,
But I'll be the one that breaks you.

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