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For The Fallen Dreams : My Anthem-Like Symphony lyrics

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For The Fallen Dreams lyrics : "My Anthem-Like Symphony"

If we see that it bleeds than we know that it's real.
This will never heal. I won't feel the way you want me to feel.
Take them back... All those things that you've wished for.

In my heart someone needs to settle the score.
I think I've made all this clear. It's all up hill from here and when
You've figure out it's not me, let me be.

When I know what I want... When this ends, let's just pretend.
Let's take off one more year. Hide our feelings and our fears.
Take it in and hope for some reason. Last season believed what you believe

Come around just to fight your feelings. Leave again only for no reason.
I will never fail again. I will never let you in. $#&@. I will never fail


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