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FOR SELENA AND SIN lyrics : "Jubileum Of Sorrow"

Fall asleep, fade into dreams
Like a leaf drown or fallen with breeze
A perished romance, but does it affect me?

Yes, as perdition and ruin are accompany

Fall asleep, fade into dreams

Like a flower withers and it's time of beauty
A last farewell, but do I even care?
Yes, as a goodbye was all we ever had

This is the new last beginning, a distant shore

A long way to somewhere
This is the last new ending, jubileum of my sorrow

Perhaps the august waters turn to frost
Perhaps the flame of life is lost
On these meadows of earth, all painted here by dreams of rust

And when the veil of sun is rising, maybe once it brought some light
Now it's one that takes away every beam into the night

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