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FOR ALL THE WRONG REASONS lyrics : "It's Not Me With The Problem, It's Everyone Else"

I haven't been back to this place in two months, I'm crawling back,
Same old streets and here's for not breaking down on main street,
I'm notching dints in my car to keep count of the countless bad days,

Stale beer and cigarettes, minesweeping with the boys to save spare change

I spent last year just writing hopeless songs on how we $#&@ed up,

Growing beards, sleepless nights and DIY tattoos,
But I can't give up, I spent last year just giving up,
Like Lauren did with straightedge, she preached some fickle bull%#@!,

I'm going back to my room

My brother says you'll always land on your feet,

And my grandad said now you're a man,
I stooped too hard I can't pull my back straight


This new year my resolution was to give 'em hell,

Whilst dudes in chinos swear to drink more protein,
The job is wearing me down,
All last year my resolution was to find myself,

And I did on a sofa with two sleeping bags,
Waking up with cottonmouth

The new Asda slowed this town down,
But I guess it brought some new jobs and hope.

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