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FOOTPRINTS IN THE CUSTARD lyrics : "Every STD in the Book"

I had been out drinking myself half to death
My vision was blurred my motor skills had left
That's when I saw her; an angel bathed in divine light

I took her home where she showed me one hell of a night

But now it seems that three days later something just ain't right

Itching flaking burning breaking keeps me up all night

Oh my God my junk is turning green itching like hell

And now what is that God awful smell?
It's vile discharge dripping down my legs

Tell me what did I do to deserve these rancid gifts?
I was looking for the ride of my life what I got was syphilis
Everyone said it was plain to see but I could not tell from afar

That she'd been round the block more times than a rusty old used car

Now it seems my skin is flaking, no mistaking the rash

Caught from her sickening diseased unclean gash
The crabs and lice are at home in her erogenous zone

At the time it felt so right but now it seems that I'm the victim
There's signs of major decay in every single rotting symptom

Festering boils sick with disease all that comes out of my ^&@#$ is cheese
From then to now the contrast is stark I find it alarming that it glows in the dark
Flaky and rotten smells like a farm mushrooms and fungi can only mean harm

Fallen comrade closest of friends once tall and proud has gone green at the end

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