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FOOLISHFREAK lyrics : "FEAR 16 bars"

i used to be a kid with a dream with no intentions/
tried to forget but the thoughts were so persistant /
they wouldn't leave me alone, i was living in fear/

ignored them till one day it all became crystal clear/
this was my destiny my passion my reason to breathe/
this was my energy my fashion, my own belief/

you see the fear of expressing was eating me alive/
scared of the consequences from saying what i had inside/
but see fear is a mental state of mind/

fear is something that the human race has designed/
so reach out with your hand turn the knob and open door/
the fear can be your torro as you are the matador/

so don't come running and telling me that it's just too hard/
that you don't wanna do it you have no clue where to start/
cause overcoming fear is realizing who you are/

so look into the mirror and tell fear i declare war/

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