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FOOD FOR THOUGHT lyrics : "Heaven's Cry-Face"

A thought to remind you
The reason in which all our souls lie
People all around you

But none of them seem to face the fire
And they say
Stay behind the line

Don't you cross that line
Or insanity will find you
The fear of a new scene has begun

And you shall arrive on the shore
Should I run, should I go?

Is the water too cold?
Let me say you must go

You can lie, you can lie to yourself and deny
The first thing you'll realize
It will come over and over in time

You can hide, you can hide behind your disguise
You can fight the change in your mind
Until you face up to the water of life

The way you perceive life
You stay within your imaginary world

This fortune you never share
You fill their heads up full of lies

And you fall into your cycle again
You turn it over and over again
Face up to the water of life!

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