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Fonzie lyrics : "Imac Girl"

I gotta click to ask "how do you do"
I gotta click and tell you " I love you"
I better say we're kidding ourselves

Or better yet fool someone else
And as I turn my computer on
I know exactly that I'm off

for being a different guy in the game
Each day I have a nick name
And I know I'm not that kind of guy

That day just turned me off the wild,
Told you the worlds was all mine
Just trying to keep you online

Made up things I shouldn't have,
A bunch of lies just to impress
Things seem to work out pretty fine

I've gotten out of the line

Imac girl! This time I screwed it up

Pretty girl! How can I turn back time?
Imac girl! To watch you on my cam
Lovely girl! It's only and all I ask

If I could I turned back
I tried to show ya I'm not that bad
Imac girl are you there?

How can I tell ya how real I am

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