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FOLLY lyrics : "Far Away"

Die my heart, I'm here again.
I've been alone again.
And without you here, there's just so much to say.

The loneliest of times may come when I talk to you but you're not there.
There's no way out now, I've got to stay in here.
The walls are tired of hearing what I have to say.

What I try to say is almost pointless to start,
because you're only in dreams and inside my heart.
Hope the time will cease tonight.

Hope this darkness makes me bleed.
Deception, the sight.
Night, do not give up on me (I have given up on myself.)

Time has shed and we all this time we share in other things.
I miss you darling, I need to see you more than this.
I know you have all you want and what you have, but you don't have me.

You have to feel the same.
We will be home soon.
Normality will take it's place.

Being able to talk to you and see your face.
Embrace what we have, enjoy what we made.
We created a bond that miles can't break.

We did this. We made us. We did this.
I feel my feet touch the sand.
I miss you.

Submerge my heart into your soul.
I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you.

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