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FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE : People Back Home lyrics

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FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE lyrics : "People Back Home"

This is for my people back home

We're lighting one up, feel the love
We wouldn't be here without ya
This is for my people back home

Mix it strong, pour it out no doubt
We're always thinking about ya

Ain't gonna let you down
Just wanna make you proud

This is for my people back home
My people back home
My people back home

See this one's for my people
From the backwoods to the steeple

From my daddy and that preacher man
That taught me to run from evil
From the people that I'm still so cool with

And the people that I went to school with
From the boys I ran around and stomped them grounds and broke them rules with
This one's for my family and the way that I was raised

And now my life's another city, another picture, another stage
But I hope you know I miss ya
And part of me's still with ya

And no matter where I go or what I do I won't forget ya


This is for the one's who believed in me
For the one's who took the time to breathe the life in me

You got my heart beating inside of me
You made me what I tried to be
For the one's who love my music

Said you could do it, if you choose this
So we dreamed big and we worked hard
Now we got the whole world cruisin'


For my brother and my sister
For my mama yeah I miss her
For the one that got away

Damn, I should have kissed her
For my best friends and my cousins
And that town that we grew up in

If it wasn't for all of ya'll
This ole boy would be nothing

You're running through our hearts
You did it from the start
Yeah you know who you are

You're in every song I sing
You're in every dream I dream
You're the beat inside of me


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