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FLOGGING MOLLY : Every Dog Has Day lyrics

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FLOGGING MOLLY lyrics : "Every Dog Has Day"

Well I've drunk to drown, on every ocean I've been
Lake Tanganyika, where the crocodiles swim.
Halifax, Nova Scotia to Van Diemens land

Well I drank with the Sultan, down the Suez [email protected]#^


Cause Every Dog Has Its Day
Like every woman, she gets her own way
And if there's a ship that sails tonight

I'll captain that too, just to be there with you

Well there was old Jerry Rooney, who was mad as a mule

Spillblood Maloney had a head like one too
That night on the bridge, with my shovel in hand
Well he threatened to kill me; for sure he picked the wrong man


Well there was mutiny in Lagos, aboard the mean ship Skondi
Ten or twelve days in prison, till the [email protected]$(s set me free
McCloskey you're free


Now I love the sea and she wants me back
So I leave this ol' harbor, with the wind at me back
Goodbye mother Theresa, I hope the kids settle down

I must head for the Chinas; pray to God I don't drown

(Chorus x2)

Just to be there with you (repeat x5)

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