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FLOBOTS lyrics : "The Circle In The Square"

Hands in the air
Presidents, prime ministers
They said that we didn't care

But that isn't fair
We're the circle in the square

The time is now, our time has come
We show them how, what can't be done
No matter what they say or they don't say

We make a way out of no way
Against the gun, beneath the veil
Yes we can, too big to fail

We are the ones we're waiting for
We save ourselves; Praise the lord

We are sly and the family
Stone in calamity
Triumph when thrown to the domes

Of these Goliaths
Planted seeds in silence
And granted meek compliance

And in the spring rain exploded in a riot
Of color and excitement
Wearing no disguises

Declaring to the stars that we trek like enterprises
Of candlelight revivals and how we lift the blindfolds
We end in Revelation, like it was the Bible

We are the circle in the squee-are
We beathe air the same as the ones who didn't prepare

Don't be scared
Whatever time it was when you began
The clock is now 11:55 on the big hand

So you're invited into the circle that we sleep in
Invited to depend on friendships we deepen
To uncover the secrets in the ________ that we're bleepin

The treasures maps we pretend we do not believe in
Show us how to

Party at the protest
Rally like a rockstar
?Ù?Ù?Ù? ?ÙÆ'?? (yaya, yaya, allahu akbar*)

Ð"? ???????? Î??Ï? (Do svidaniya**, Egó***)
Foster all the people
El pueblo unido, jamás será vencido****

We are the night light bearers for night terrors

We are group dreamers, vision seekers and pall bearers
In aftermath of blight errors, blood type and marrow to the bone oaths
And beat hope into plough shares

We are balancing the balance beam
Pulling strings from battle scenes tapestries
And ravenous advocates for smaller teams

Pop the bubbles of ______ schemes
We are the sleep walkers for stalled dreams

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Thanks to alexandrap