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Mmm-Da Da
Mmm-Da Da

Mmm-Da Da
Oh Oh

Baby girl I want ya look keep on puttin' on a show
Mmm-Da Da
Oh Oh

Mmm-Da Da
Let's go

Mmm-Da Da
Oh Oh
Shawty got it droppin' around and I'm sold

And we gotta couple of rounds of Nuvo
Everybody lookin' around like uh oh
Ok whatcha say?

Let's play
Shake it with a little bit of Beyonce
Turn around & give it to me Shawty get paid

Do it for them girls
They be jealous anyway
On stage I wanna be amazed

Pop that, drop that
It's your birthday

Top that, got that
Work for this stage
Stop that, lock that

Work it in place
You the best, Shawty don't be scared
Let loose get a Louis like hers

You the troop get money it's yours
Back it up like that, yes sir!

Oh-oh baby want some more baby?
I love the way you do it 'cuz you do it so crazy
I'm countin' down so turn around

5,4,3,2,1 gotta make that booty go


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