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FLO RIDA lyrics : "Gotta Eat"

Damnit I'm proud to buy my own bag of weed
Found me a hood that'll help plant my seed

I got bail money they $#[email protected] with me
(Cause in my hood err ^!$$% gotta eat) [x5]

[VERSE 1:]
I know where I come from
^!$$%s gotta grow

Penny (*##$in for paper till you poppin big bucks
Give it a blow they @@#! it ain't no telling with them thugs
Dealers straight out da projects only felon that'll bust

Some %#@! you don't discuss
Snitches they get them stubs
Damnit I'm proud to buy my own bag to fill my dutch

Planted my own seed now a month without bud
Granted I got the fee and we don't pump the same blood
You need that new Mercades

Home of that color gravy
How the hell you gonna pay me
I made a deal to 380

Tell me I'm acting shady
I try to ignore the lazy
Set my brains on the deli

If mine arrest me I'm ready


[VERSE 2:]
Chow I had that dinner platter meals on deck

Cash coming that currency to earn that respect
Money machines measuring making sure you collect
Rolling that dice game you better be stomping best

Keep it moving like chess
Look for ya new address
Proof of ghetto for sex

That make the culprits go wreck
Hope the fay of the fruits of ya label mama impress
Don't know whoever knew you could point at you through the stress

That drama on the block
All them run-ins with cops
Couldn't afford shoes was happy 2 pair of socks

Steady paying ya dues that landed you in the box
Other ^!$$%s confused you asked them to borrow crop.


[VERSE 3:]

Crying erryday big breaks on they grain
Preparly marinate a million strong keep the change
Challange that generate we gotta tone it with a crain

Hustlas for that bank be aware that we untaimed
Duckets we deranged
Muscle the day I change

Melica off in that hood come get you that's point blank
Hit you it's all good
Hit dis before a game

Women tell us hes never survivin that chedar lane
You see we want it all
Yea we breakin the law

Buy it Sell it Cook it that's a merry thang if it's raw
Anyway you put it tell the folks we breakin the law
Sing it so I took it and if you tell a ^!$$% that's all


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