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FLESH-N-BONE : Word to the Wise lyrics

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FLESH-N-BONE lyrics : "Word to the Wise"

Tell you what
Let's $#&@ with this course first
Just put it down (breathing in)

Running this whole mother$#&@ing

[Chorus x2]

Flesh hitting them with the scriptures

Finna get what you prepared to the wise
My enterprise
Mo thug millennium Mardi

Be the one to test my size
Flesh hitting them with the scriptures
Finna get what you prepared to the wise

My enterprise
Mo thug millennium Mardi
Be the one to test don't try

[Verse 1]

And when it began it was the world
And we got heard again and again
And all that the world was kept with God

In ? in it was God himself the boyfriend
And everything that was made
Was made by him

Without him nothing would be in existence
Hit them up psycho
For the life what's life

For me it's this rapping and this ? this shine
Figure it out and again
The Lord oh yes

The Lord has spoken a world
And the word was me flesh
Now every last word that is spoken from the God comes

And giving it you will need it
Exercise good teaching prophesy

In the last days
Open your mind and focus your eyes
And pay attention

Listen off course to what they be kicking up words
So fix them in your eardrum
You want some now come get some

Many mo faking no less
Send and a merchant
You probably see the gift and pick it up hutch

Protest this plain it simple
Get it then let it
Mo got the blessing

Cause then he is resting
Don't let these demons mess and distract him
If you let them

Suggest you pick up the bible
Then you say hellow
Then they protect you, Holy Ghost

Here be the original cost of cig
And them all keep smoking

[Chorus x2]

Jesus wept, get to you

Nobody sought to work in his footsteps in the beginning
When he was placed on the face of the earth
Onto the cross, onto resurrection

Lots found the Lords direction
If you wanna leave it there
Only Jesus Christ be willing to find

Then follow the rapper the Lord got here
Who ever think now but the change
They got chains bound to their souls

Oh no, here come on again
5th dog holler and hail they go
Letting and foe

Flesh harass those so cold
When I put it down rapping
You wanna diss this out it
Never then put my pistol in your mouth
What's happening monster?

Break off the enemy taking more conches
Leave it alone to sieve in the world
I'm taking no nonsense
His coming since defeat them and you stay
And safe up with your own last

Put your $$#
Keep sending and ever repent
Take a look at your past
You nothing like in the first lane
You seemingly suddenly like in sane

Gotta maintain
My ^!$$% get down for your thing
And make a change
Pin pass get them up quick
Because it will be

Hear the destruction coming I say
Hear the destruction coming
You better hurry and do something (hey)

[Chorus: x4]

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