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FLESH-N-BONE : Sticks and Stones lyrics

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FLESH-N-BONE lyrics : "Sticks and Stones"

(feat. Flesh & Bone)


Sticks and stones might break Flesh Bone
Yet nevertheless can't none of y'all touch me
not even with a pole twelve-foot long

We beatin' ya
Might as well, join us
Trust me

Lately, ever since someone's out followin' me around

And I'm feelin' little danger when I'm approachin'
And I've been ready, peelin' you stranger
Put 'em on a hanger, bang mo' murder

We broke in with no shame in my city
and it's time for to bail in this ?
And the people see me when I'm tryin' to escape

to get a breath or caught up
but can't get you gun right; slain - drop down
Will ya be found?

In the C-Town, hear the buck, buck, pow
The glass sounds, stop and ya oughta wait in the ground
with a ^!$$%'s (shadow)

How many ways (in a me say) I could put you in a daze
Quick to hit 'em with the gauge
^!$$%, you 'bout to get faded

(*##$, your bloody body's splattered all over the ground
Save yourself
? insane and it drive you crazy

Maybe my ^!$$%s willing to settle for somethin'
If nothin', dumpin' if you're tempted to play
I'm a real true, you're a real true

and act other ^!$$%s can't groove
Gotta get 'em on the grind, so make the move
We gonna put this %#@! together forever

Let's do this, ^!$$%
Feel it, drop a ^!$$%, this sidekick
Stop in to get your ready-to-ride trigger; peel it

All the brothers that fly to get the enemy fried
Tonight you die
You really think that you got it?

Better break it ?, get ready to go
On this mission for the Land, and I'm murder 'em all
Roll, to try to save out souls


(Thugs) be true, we stroll off in this Land
and the people that be thuggin' it often Cleveland style

Look, me and my ^!$$%s, we strangle and theivin', now
Leavin' out, prayin' for the Northcoast
My city behind me, watch my back

All of my ^!$$%s on the Clair, show love for me
Pass the weed, (get you hype) on the corner like it was ?
Wherever I roll through the hood, givin' up ?, hit the pound, stay real

^!$$% where the money be, I'm a be breakin', ^!$$%
Let's ? and got chill with my bills, sellin' herb with my thugs everyday
Let me show you the way we parlay

on the corner where the ^!$$%s see yay
Drugdealers and killas all day
Indeed, always roll with my Hustla'z,

Tre, II Tru, and the Shifters, Afta Maff, and ?
^!$$%s come and get some, hit th blunt of ?
Headed straight for the very top

^!$$%s crept on ah come up, and it'll never stop
To my family , I gots to give 'em props
Still lettin' off shots to the Double Glock

And I crept and I came in this thug game, man
For the love of mo' money
^!$$%s in this (*##$, you gonna remain a thug, what?

Any my people still hungry
So here we swerve to the curb, hit that herb, hit that nerve
And I'm down to serve and splurge

$#&@ around and get burned
Ya better learn


And ever since I was a youngsta thugsta puttin' it down
Always hustlin' to make a way
^!$$% put up with the phases, made it, went through mazes
and I got all my $#&@in' pay

Really want to try me, howl with the Fifth Dog
Pick up the sawed-off, ^!$$% done stalked 'em
Make 'em look down the barrel, ^!$$% pick up the shell
Off ya to hell or whatelse it costin' 'em
Chalkin' 'em, playa hater when ya try to put a stop to me

See it in your destiny, and we know it ain't never possible
But they keep at it to try to get it next to me
Arrestin' me with whip, pole,
neck chain if you gonna bang my brain with sticks
bricks, stones aint't strong enough to break

and shatter my bones that I swang
I see ya roll with gang, clang, yeah, I'm a catch you G's
^!$$%s hang in the "Heart of it All" with the Family
When I bang, ^!$$% please (oughta) chill with my ^!$$%s everday
? marshall don't forget no swisha, got the cheese for the trees
or whatever you need

We can fix ya
Did you ? now
Let's take a ride
Wanna see a playa fall tonight?
Keep a ? can you run up fast
And then a ^!$$% really lost his life
'Cause I never had time for the pettiness people

Don't get me wrong
Ain't the one to be takin' %#@! personal, baby
That's my sticks and stones be the name of this song

Sticks and stones might break Flesh Bone
Yet nevertheless can't none of y'all touch me

not even with a pole twelve-foot long
We beatin' ya
Might as well, join us
Trust me
(Trust me, trust me, trust me)

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