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FLESH-N-BONE : Silent Night lyrics

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FLESH-N-BONE lyrics : "Silent Night"

(feat. BG Knoccout, Demun Elliot)

[Verse 1: BG Knoccout]

You ^!$$%z better run
When I grab the gun for homocide
Well you know I'm about to hoo-lah

I never catch you sleeping
And I'mma pop the clip
Put it between your eyes when I should die

Need six feet in a ditch like a (*##$
Just avoid the clip with the gauge
^!$$% must have had a snipper

They came up pop collar
Hollow point tips to the brain
Bug to the bang I'm stuck in this game

Can't get away cause I'm in too deep
Running the street with heats
Never ^!$$% can hang

You might as well get up and (*##$ defeat
If a ^!$$% don't know way, know it now
Grab your %#@! cause it's going down

$#&@ one time
Cause I'm on the frontline
Popping slugs with my dogs as we going down

Still hold it ground boy
You know what it is
Hit him in the face with a death kiss

Don't know what his problem was
But all I can say is that a ^!$$% had a death wish
Should have messed with the wrong clique

Saw the ^!$$% drop when I felt the chrome click
That's what you give or talking %#@!
Now you lying in the hospital

What you don't seek
Here come one in the head
Left it brain dead

Got to put it more life support
Living day by day on the edge of the lens
But he didn't realize that life was short

Now Eazy turning your sleep put your heat
My stars as I match and I creep so cold
You are the wrong ^!$$% to $#&@ with

So $#&@ with me best believe it
You gonna reap what you sow
Reap what you sow, sow, sow, sow

[Chorus: x2]
Silent night

Deadly night
It's all right
Cause you are dying tonight

[Verse 2: Demun Elliot]
I say, bone man here it comes

And then the weaker pumping jumping
Feel your body drubbing
As the weakest pumping jumping

Track his family dawn in him
^!$$% the eardrum pumping don't get real
I'm back with the mo thug family

^!$$% they creeping they sipping
Mother$#&@er wanna get rowdy, hardy
Had to $#&@ top everybody

With my ^!$$% BG in, just stock all me
Back with the gauge in the double glock party
Hardy round for your head

^!$$% what you want? Now you are dead
Blood red, blood red this only sign
Should us select the gun right

This only sign, should us select the gun
You wanna $#&@ with me?
Sit ain't funny when you lie in the bed

Covered up in a coffin
Mother$#&@er, what's happening?
Wanna $#&@ up my ^!$$% like septin?

Mo thug gonna put it down rapping
Mother$#&@er don't stop kill mo bug
I'm down for the world
For bloody
Everybody wanna see me

Be like me, hear me
But you cannot pull down trek like me
^!$$% so I just spray and spray
The king all over your ear drum
Till you start to do bleed, eternally thugs

Mo thug much love (right)

Behold, better move so scold
Then it is on to fly

Then it will all haul back to my family
^!$$% give a %#@! today
Put the ding and blood out to book
Keep eternal life there
Choose to never repent and camp on fire

Bullet proof this way
Must you prepare for consequences hanging
Soldier don't go to this section, finna get high
My bullets and brimstones
Should leave me alone but no
Such to address Flesh Bone

Make yourself for the ram of death is on
Honey nothing can try
Not as my turn then go trap all enemies
All enemies under my combat look them
Kill them and collect my local ways
?East 1999? ^!$$% Saint Claire
Sieving for the body body, check to them

Never no close to tuition
Murder when I'm leaving no track
Not for a maniac, it's a shame
^!$$%z that feeling the blind
^!$$%z they still gone change
Hang the blind go strangle thugs
Go to wreck with the mix man

Ready for rise to rising indeed
Better wait for love of a Pharaoh nothing more
To the creature churn on
Don't pay money on to sacrifice him high
I say that healing you
None of us thought that go $#&@ing with the 5th dog

Don like a thief
And I can catch you sleeping in the ceiling
Go rock on my court
Stupid mother$#&@er that heard, that heard
Pull it it's a souvenir, then you'll blow
^!$$%z deflect them, put them in glocks
Caught up in knocks

Peeling, stepping him out $#&@ed up

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