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FLESH-N-BONE : Nothin' But da Bone in Me lyrics

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FLESH-N-BONE lyrics : "Nothin' But da Bone in Me"

You don't wanna see my Flesh (Flesh, Flesh...)

It's nothin' but the Bone in me
You don't wanna see my Flesh Bone

It's nothin' but the Bone in me
You don't wanna see me

Feel thug %#@! pumpin' out of Cleveland
All up in your system, hittin it, and everybody move

No matter where you're from, come one and get with this
Here to make you party, body, so groove over to the Glock
The spot, we got it poppin' all day to get through the night

Swisha, fill 'em on up with the icky, sticky, sippin' liquor got you nice
Whip out the lighter, flame on up
It be to completely ? me up

Everyone, have a nice time, get along with your people
Don't wanna hear people fuss or cuss
If they do, then I crush 'em

Break every bone off in his body
'Cause all my people came here to have a wonderfultime, ^!$$%s
Everybody crashed the party

Once in awhile we can get a little wild
And ever now and then, I comin' out to show you how
In the Land, my city, the way we put it down

You know what it is, how to get to my town
Listen to the rythym
Hear this sound: (sirens)

put you deep into a motion that just don't stop
Feel them coppers come knockin' on your door
Get you $$# on the floor

We jack 'til we drop
Props, sendin' out shots to my trues
Been down with that ^!$$% Flesh at the beginning and

^!$$%s together 'til the very ending
And I'm hit after hit, and I'm still winnin'
And you wonder what it is in me that you really wanna roll

Then see Flesh gettin' busy with ^!$$%s that it be my thang
Nothin' but the Bone in me



I grip me a pipe with my heater
Call upon it, when I need her
Feedin' bullets to spit on ya corner

Think to test me?
Baby, you's a goner, loner
Somebody shouda been done warned, now

When ya on the thug show, ^!$$% flex
Check out the Flesh, put it down
When your in the C-Town don't $#&@ those

You simple-minded
Don't you find it complicated?
Checkin' the best style

So I'm out get ? tryin' to clear a ?
Start none, ^!$$% want my forty
Get a light, my sud's froze cold

So off to economies, hit up the store
And I'd love to thank for keepin' the drink I see for me
Get me Ides, get surprised, (copper stops .38) and mo' cheese

Get the with the Gs, set a destination, we're facin'
Finally I'm here (I'm here)
Hit me as I go pissy-drunk, breath stunk, puff spliff after spliff

Chinese - eyes sunk shut, near me pass my beeron to the next man
Goin' up to meet a pretty lady to get my boogie on for the next dance
No ?, her intentions was to get money, and let's face it, shame on you, honey

(*##$ made it known she wanna $#&@ me because I'm a Bone
No threat, better yet I'm a pass up the $$# and keep my cash
Leavin' women alone, and go stack up my bankroll

Flip paper, dollar, grab the dollar
Make me holler, feel it in me, nothin' but the Bone


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