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FLESH-N-BONE : Mystic Spirits lyrics

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FLESH-N-BONE lyrics : "Mystic Spirits"

[Maniacal laughing]
...And in a town
And they're not takin' dominions like this

Flesh-N-Bone comin' at ya like this: [Laughing]


Get 'em off me, in me you're feelin' I get when I'm tryin'
Your spirits get inside of me, blindin' my mind
I get stoned, like in asylum, I put a trap my mental

Get a temper, turn all violent, put a stop on my silence
Get blown, Flesh-n-Bone got the TEC
And it's on for the next, who get mo murda, murda

My Lord, never felt so many spirits all up in my system
Controllin', me listen I wanna take 'em, but a ^!$$% stay calm
Yet he lead, he wet, so wet, sweaty palms

Glocks and a bomb, I'm makin' sure that he cracked the whole area
Carry ya body, buried in your front lawn
We're confusin' to you while I'm using you fools

All abused, find us sort of like a mystery
Wonderin' how in the hell you keep losin'
Check how I keep schoolin', peep ^!$$%s (made history)

Flip of my tongue and it's over - you hung upside-down by your feet
Fin to send ya swangin', and knew somebody shoulda showed or told
Just a little somethin' %#@!'ll get you strung out

And hangin', and I'll bet that I mangle any person
Strangle any serpent, wantin' to tangle with me
When a brawl goes down, look around at the city - tore it up

But your $$# still ready when I hit and see

Mystic spirits all up in my Flesh-N-Bone deep within

One flip of my tongue and you ^!$$%s are hung
Too late
Consume in sin

Fall asleep, fall deep in a nightmare

Wake up and see me standing there at the edge of your bed
Thought it was Freddy, instead it be Flesh
And he holdin' a machete steady drippin' bloody red

But I warned 'em time from time again
Time after time again, I'm a just sit back sip gin
Think on how to ? corner 'em all, consume 'em

And sent them in a murder with a Mack-10
Pack that gat, so them had it
Ready, set, aim, and straight to pull the flame off the temple

People standin' around -
They wonderin' where did he go to get away from the po-po
Can't $#&@ with a ^!$$%, man, so pull the trigger - simple bang!

Hear it, feel it ,wicked spirits in the room dance to your doom
When he had to come enter through the room pretty soon
So hell get, $$#ume position, lay down in the tomb gone

I love the way they ?, boy, had his soul snatched from the body
Left the corpse here, struck with an exorcist, possessed him
Had to put him out of misery, get the stiff and no shadow

^!$$% got to attack, so many spirits live inside, trip this
All of my mystic spirits, I get ready, make a ^!$$% wanna cry

Mystic spirits all up in my Flesh-N-Bone deep within
One flip of my tongue and you ^!$$%s are hung
Too late

Consume in sin


In check, learn a lesson by the mastermind, stack
Learn to pap pap or commandin' attackin' 'em again
Feel it deep with in, seep, slowly, slide inside

I'm might take over your mesmerized friend, and in your chinny-chin
Grim ^!$$%s steady sendin' back to back blows 'til them hoes fold up
Bow down, try to get these now, ^!$$% bound to be found

Could not ? sewed up, ready for use made you rich and sellin' out
Take yourself, ^!$$% told on this homie, dog
And they all had a fall, hittin' stickin' 211-turned-187

When they hauled it off
Never stop when I'm gettin' my swerve on
^!$$%s take a fall, and then haven't you heard?

'Cause she takin' %#@! over, hittin', rollin' dope, bring up ?
Kilo up on your block and serve it, out the strap ^!$$%, hang
Let my thug nuts swang, touch the pavement
Jack them when the ground get too rough pick them up and eruption
20 gauge splitters slug attackin' them in the back if ya go to turn away

Oh ^!$$%, might kill all you fools who ain't worthy
Be the man in the city Cleveland
Everyday people in St. Clair my ^!$$%s play dirty

Mystic spirits all up in my Flesh-N-Bone deep within

One flip of my tongue and you ^!$$%s are hung
Too late
Consume in sin

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