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FLESH-N-BONE : Live Soil lyrics

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FLESH-N-BONE lyrics : "Live Soil"

(feat. Afta Maff)

Are you ready for death?

Here's your cemetery plot


Animosity pushes me to killa dreams in my sleep -
Fatal thoughts of puttin' punk (*##$es 6 feet deep
My mental status destroyed

'Cause I was touched by the hands of tha sick
But I swear with a passion
I'm a put 6 shots in this (*##$ (6 shots)

I'm no security blanket, but I still feel the cold
Even thinkin' murder mayhem when I was 6 years old
Every now and then, I feel all close to danger

Most of my life 'cause if it don't work, worry and anger
Poisioned by demons, once upon a time my thought was pure
What will I endure in life?

I ain't, so I may never feel secure
Cavi and switchblades, guns and such
Driftin' through life and limpin'

As if I needed a $#&@in' crutch
My slug to those who know the darkness that I reach
And those who pump me back everytime I buck, get freaked

Now, I'm enraged and feelin' revenge - that makes my blood boil
Pay back is a (*##$, dirty ^!$$%, and your brand this box

Are you ready for death?
Here's your cemetary plot
That I got to be prepared for when you #[email protected] ^!$$%s drop

Live soil, which means you're the walking dead
And when I blast that $$#
I make you remember what you did and said

I'm pullin' me gauges with me thugs

And givin' me thugs nothin' but love
And sendin me slugs to you mutha$#&@in' bustas
That murderin' mayhem, off flippin' up on this %#@!

As I grabs my nine and puttin' it to your head real quick
And pullin' my trigger as I let you feel the damn pain
Death is thought inside my mutha$#&@in' brain

As the fire blaze in my eyes, I'm seein' demons
I'm steady hearin', them mutha$#&@in' voices screamin'
I stop the big game for some hell

If he don't have the solution, Big Mark is always there
If not nine got me on my mutha$#&@in' square
And keepin' me puttin' them Teflons in your $#&@in' ?

The state pen for life is the home that I'm facin'
Forty-four in my hand, and I'm caressin' it first

I'm just itchin' for the chance to pull the trigger
I'm bustin' round, round, round, round on your $$#
^!$$%s, and how you figure that the game

will pull your dead-ass weight?
If you ain't got the cash, then you ain't got the game
Nobody wants a ^!$$% when he's down and out

So see I'm creepin' on a come up with two fours in your mouth
I had visions of killin' you and your boys
Retaliator had visions of killin' them

And they bodies got seperated
I know ya hate it, but there's no other way around it
Now picture this: Big Mark got them full metal jackets

To penitrate that 6 pack that you call a stomach
I seen your boys vomit when I release these lead bullets
Pop 'em like duels, and fillin' em up like fuel

Display it on my street--sense to this wannabe fool
You're live soil
That means that you're the walking dead

So when I blast that $$#
You remember what you did and said
But you walking dead, ain't no comin' back

You at your resting place
You live with the soil
So up to the wasteland

(wasteland, wasteland, wasteland, wasteland, wasteland)

Now, you understand you live soil, mutha$#&@a

Are you ready for death?

Here's your cemetary plot
That I got to be prepared for when you #[email protected] ^!$$%s drop
Live soil, which means you're the walking dead
And when I blast that $$#
I make you remember what you did and said

^!$$%s, I'm runnin' through them murda plots
Simply ninas, they @@#!ed
In my pocket these deep when I pull and pop

Serve or hold, put it down for the double glock
Sug hit when the bull%#@! stops
Droppin' these shells as I bail make 'em
Live soil 'til this body smell
Leavin' a trail of bloody footsteps

Well, show no mercy
Gotta send them to Hell under this murderous spell
Flesh, Kamikaze, (?) and Boss, can all be stalkin' ^!$$%s
Caught 'em, caution, drop 'em in the coffin and fade across
Y'all loss Mo Thugs, the Shifters, and Hustla'z -
You don't wanna see this organization

Take off, will ya ^!$$%s, playa hatin' all over this nation
Station, faced, locate in the wasteland, nothin'
But heartless scandalous dealers, (pick an event/pig in a van)
And don't start with the $#&@as
Hold up with the buck Mo Thugs gon' peel ya
Carry the body to the cemetery
That's where they lay 6 feet in a ditch

We went with the shotty @@#!in'
Prepare to murder (*##$es, snitches, cops on my click
Stop it! $#&@ with the Fifth, I'm loyal
When ya get the job done grand and royal
^!$$%s got broiled, roasted in foil
Makin' the grass turn green and (rotting in gas) - live soil

Are you ready for death?
Here's your cemetary plot

[News Anchorman Eric]
We interrupt your regularly scheduled program
To bring this special report live from downtown with David Elliot

[Reporter David Elliot]
This is disgusting!

[E] David, are you there?
[D] Yes, I'm here, Eric
[E] Yeah, what seems to be the problem?
[D] The problem?

The problem is this is disgusting
There's utter chaos everywhere
It's just too soon to speculate what exactly happened
But there are unconfirmed reports that Flesh and Afta Maff have...
Have...have struck again
Uh, I'm just a little sick to my stomach
So a we'll keep you posted as to what happens in the near future

But for now, let's go back to Kelly Lockett for the weather
Back to you, Kelly

[Meteorologist Kelly Lockett]
Hi, this is Kelly Lockett
Today's hot and sunny, so make sure you get on outside

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