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FLESH-N-BONE : Hero lyrics

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FLESH-N-BONE lyrics : "Hero"

(feat. Afta Maff, Black Hole, Two Gun)

[Demon voice:]

(Flesh Flesh...) [laughs] come on boy with that force you can fake like you
[email protected]^%s but if you ain't rollin' with the Lord ((*##$ $$# ^!$$%) (*##$ you dissin our God, (*##$!

Well, in tha middle of tha night my posse prepared to sneak up when im early up creepin nothin' is sleepin but silence and i got all me peeps wet got to hell tales wha we hail tha flesh and its just waht i saw and ^!$$%z afraid when that extra clip pops pick up and then book cause tha team so raw raw mother$#&@ the law, law get 'em up off ya'll ya'll ready but panickin ya'll ^!$$%s ain't ready tha brigade finna get you in a daze and if you come around my way guns spray my enemy pick em up finish and tha hitterz are headless itz how we leave em when tha mack pop hey flesh can you give me mercy not really @@#! buckshot bullets aint strickin nothin where they get em from i murder yall bloodclots snitches think ima gonna fill a ^!$$%z $$# hot slugs twist this blood knot hear um all pop guy fly flossin in beamers shot caller call off shots at in between his eyes when I hit 'em with a Nina should've seen a split wig straight through tell him
to get in front are you backin me the lyrics would have $#&@ed up my lyrical status can't touch me or any style these ^!$$%s in the game wanna talk foul ima shove me rod in ya mouth everytime i come around someone wanna critize no ima show you bite us now (now, uh)

1 9 9 9, 2 triple 0 0 0 we the heroes of the new millenium/ ^!$$%z cant touch MO!

Runnin' with a bullet proof vest and layin ^!$$%z to rest runnin wit a

mother$#&@er fit to kill AK-47 Mac-11 Hollow Points tips trade in ya (*##$ watch me lock when my tools get too ^!$$% know the rules, rules


Whatever you do, gotta do it but you gotta do it if you snooze you lose


this ^!$$% i saw wit tha bullet proof on I'm checkin that ^!$$% claim to be
thugs speakin of poppin' my pistol bangin out brains I'm leavin' the ^!$$%s
short cuz i'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6

I'm a empty the clip and dip/ For $#&@in' with me you get your wig split/

Remember the silence...


in other words (*##$ let me get tha glock @@#! put on the spot let there body rott mask wit bullet proof on but it won't save you choose from tha nine he got stun from tha blow left in black hole that so and I'm ready to roll


Gimme the g's and g's off tha dirty floor i dont think you really wanna play hero


its in tha clips with the hollow tips Two Gun thats trippin sat ready to rip equipped with the infareds on the automatic Mac 11's better strap your weapons ^!$$%s thugs is who you be testin'


If you try that ^!$$% will reckon wit my double glock pop that off leavin' them restin'


steady be seein my missions impossible when im around im gone give you
unstoppable you better be watchin tha way my ^!$$% be feelin cuz ^!$$% we

1 9 9 9, 2 triple 0 0 0 we the heroes of the new millenium ^!$$%z cant touch MO

been in (?) with my killas These ^!$$%s gone hear us and fear us (they gon' feel us) with 7th Sign and Mo! Thug all my ^!$$%s get love then I gon' ride My ^!$$% Flesh ready to die with his ^!$$%s from Watts Don't stop, won't stop

It's another one of them days gotta get paid hope in tha range @@#! tha guage aint complete without a gun keep it in tha trunk hit em up send um on a trip to a grave I'm gonna pop watch em drop stop em in there tracks send em to the cemetery Fairy tales of the crypt I'm the keeper nice to meet you, busta $#&@ with little kids send them all here to me cause them ^!$$%z aint decent we murder them all lay them six feet deep cause they got heated up repeatedly sleepin cause everybody lay in tha cementary gotta be ready before i die first every mother$#&@er wanna go to heaven never sin done been in hell I'll send 'em makin' a maulin' ^!$$%s fall to the 9 We the heroes of the new millenium Hear me now

1 9 9 9, 2 triple 0 0 0 we the heroes of the new millenium ^!$$%z cant touch MO

Yeah, mo! mother$#&@in' thug soldiers in this (*##$ takin' over. Like we told you. FBI, Flesh N Bone Incorporated. How many ya'll b*tches hate it? Understand me mother$#&@er. When you see me what you gon' do when the 5th Dog trip on you?

1 9 9 9, 2 triple 0 0 0 we the heroes of the new millenium ^!$$%z cant touch MO

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