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FLESH-N-BONE : Deadly lyrics

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FLESH-N-BONE lyrics : "Deadly"

Flesh keepin it wicked
Kickin em up (*##$

Flippin his tongue, hit em up
Now he's so deadly
Then if he want some come get hung

I'm gonna get wicked kickin' it, scriptures of my anthem
Run it quick like a phantom when I plant 'em

I done sent them to the grand champion, I be
But begun, number one, that's me, he's handsome
Bringin' it to you, top drop, what'd you figure?

Told my gun, take over the nation,
Kickin' that gangsta, thugsta ^!$$%
He's a loose cannon on the trigger

Clack back, put 'em in a maze always
Stack that penny and pack that gat
No hesitation when I put 'em on they back

Wanna play, they lay, he gets ziplocked
Gonna rip that flesh, buckshot kill
Pass the bodybags to the ^!$$%s from off St. Clair

Leavin' us wig splitters
All of them feel us, let us rips. If you try us
Don't fuss, then ^!$$%, now feel this

Nuttin' us with my steel
And real, all of my %#@! went real
Let's make 'em all bow down, put 'em on they knees

Don't sneeze, that's on my enemy, freeze
$#&@ it, let all of the law in line
We'll enter the S.C.T. in me

Had a good day, Flesh here to set ^!$$%s straight
Anybody with problems, I gotta solve 'em
It's just me and a nine, he lay

And if you hatin' to elevate
must let off my frustrations from all the playa hation
But it's keepin' my strong, and yes I do

Jesus, ride right by my side through temptation


While i'm handin' out invatations

Get 'em up, don't hold your applause
$#&@in' with Fifth Dog
And I bump every last one of y'all

Off the wall with my bad $$#
^!$$% that'll split ya, come test my size
Ready for the end, you gon' realize my enterprise

Oh, somebody caught you by surprise
Leavin' 'em stunned and amazed
Rippin' 'em with my tongue

And each day give the [email protected]$( my gift and
Hey, say, pockets switch and
then they all come his way, huh

Play dirty when i'm on a mission
If you wanna $#&@ with this, come and get with it
I let off a buck and i'm leavin' you finished

No, innocent misses will not celebrate cause
Who wanted to kill you
Then go get your %#@! if you thought I was slippin'

I pop in the clip and I blast ^!$$%s who trip, then I flip
And I $#&@ 'em up fast, straight kickin' that $$#
You feelin' the wrath

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, so many busted
Had nothin' to say to the po po
And I hope heaven knew really who was it

Man, that early bird had me swervin'
in my Suburban all over the curb
It really was hurtin', so I got weeded to calm my nerves

Yeah, herbs'll work, ya heard that I might be comin'
To visit your city to kick it in, chill
If any y'all fellas hate, your cap get peeled


Pump, pump, pump, pump, better let my shell down
Don't throw it, it's not my fire
The silencer ain't over while loadin' my pistol
Trues stop at my house, and then hop on out rollin'

They got me in a hold up
Gun bucked them down, buried six feet in the ground
The silencer gun made not one sound
Better run when I let this one round
Well, how do you like me now?

We the killas, still the realest
Mo Thug, my gang bang, bang, makin' you feel the pain
That's drivin' you ^!$$%s insane
Flesh always been down for my thang
Remember that %#@! won't change

Gotta make all my money, give us some money, hungry
When you ain't got it, %#@!, it ain't funny
^!$$%, my ^!$$%s been down for the struggle
Now must you prepare for the war
Callin' all Mo Thug soldiers

^!$$% done told you
We be the wasteland warrior
I know you know that I know that
You don't really wanna $#&@ with Flesh
Stay packin' that Smith & Wesson
Bullet proof vest protect my chest

Any test, lay to rest
I'm hot as a dropped atomic bomb
Stay burnin' like fire
Givin' you what you earned, desire
Learnin' you higher
My enterprise, we riders rollin' on
Hollow point, it's on

Come watch a hangin'
Body be so much swangin' and slangin'
Doin' my thang, and...


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